Privacy Policy

To keep the privacy of our customers with us we at Payday Loans Hobart have laid some privacy policies which we update from time to time. The detailed information we collect is meant to be used while finding a matching loan deal. We protect your detailed information from misuse, unauthorized use, modification and loss. Read the privacy policies carefully before heading forward.

Name, employment details, social security number and other such information is collected by us. The main reason behind collecting such details is to find appropriate loan deals for you. You can take a copy of the information posted on the website for your personal use only.

Your personal details are shared with only those lenders who match your requirements. However, before using your information we seek your permission. Generally while you give your personal details to us, it's assumed by default that you are giving your consent for the collection, use and disclosure of your information.

You can find many third party links while surfing through the website. Those sites are for reference purpose only. You can use it for your personal purpose but the privacy policy doesn't hold for such sites. Such third party links are a complete different entity and doesn't hold any kind of reference with our website. So be careful and read all their terms before sharing your personal details with them.

We at Payday Loans Hobart may use your personal details for financial offers, organizational changes or new services that may help you. In case you do not want any offer related texts, you can unsubscribe our services. After you unsubscribe our services you wouldn't receive any kind of direct marketing messages from particular brand.

We advise you to update the changes related to your personal details for accuracy. In case there are some changes, you can contact us at any time for editing your data. We generally depend upon you to inform us if there is any change in your data.

We at Payday Loans Hobart do not always require your identification proof for all of our services. There are certain services that don't require any of your detailed information. Likewise if you want to enquire us about interest rates or current offers, such consultation require none of your personal details.

The access to your personal information is strictly limited to our few specific employees. But still our company can't give full assurance that the information can't be illegally accessed through company computers. However there are strict laws against such activities.

We at Payday Loans Hobart will take reasonable steps to protect your personal details by saving it in a safe environment. All your personal details is saved and stored in electronic form. The confidentiality of the information is treated with respect to Data Protection Act 1988

If you are not satisfied by the services provided by our company in context of your personal details or other additional information, you can contact us through email by sending your queries. We will take all the necessary steps towards improving your experience and the quality of our service.